Playground Maintenance Technician

The Comprehensive Training Program for Managing Safe Playgrounds

Well-maintained playgrounds reduce the severity and number of children's injuries.

The goal of the PMT is to make playgrounds safer places for children's active play and healthy risk-taking.

  • "The PMT class is by far the best one and the only one you need to attend in my perspective."

    - William Ping, Park Play Protection LLC

  • "I highly recommend this program to anyone seeking to educate or refresh their staff on some of the more fundamental, yet necessary maintenance and safety components."

    - Greg Barlow, Loss Control Manager, CIRSA

  • "A must for those turning the wrenches and supervising those that do the hands-on work in the field. "

    - Fred Cahill, Safety Tech II


For nearly a decade, the comprehensive Playground Maintenance Technician program has trained over 2,000 participants in nearly 20 states and internationally. The PMT focuses on practical playground maintenance practices, inspection principles and best practices in making repairs. This two-day program does not focus on play theory or memorizing standards. Course modules explore the maintenance challenges associated with the common materials found in playgrounds. Through videos and case studies, participants learn about the types of playground inspections, how to repair damaged equipment and associated legal considerations. A virtual playground offers participants the opportunity to apply newly learned skills.

Diamond of Care

Using the Playground Maintenance Diamond of Care, you will learn the steps to inspect play components by asking yourself:
What existing KNOWLEDGE do I have about the equipment?
  • Learn about common problems with equipment and surfacing.
Which areas need INSPECTION?
  • As a group, practice where to look for problems and prevent future issues.
What CORRECTIVE ACTION needs to be taken?
  • Discuss ways of preventing hazards during the maintenance process and how to correct common issues.
What should be DOCUMENTED?
  • Use inspection forms to practice documenting repairs.


  • Learn by doing! Hands on learning which combines discussion and virtual environments to understand playground maintenance tasks
  • Learn about materials! Learn how to maintain playground equipment made of metal, plastic, wood and concrete
  • Learn about safety! Understand how to take damaged equipment out of service safely, keep proper records, and identify potential legal issues related to playground maintenance
  • Learn about surfaces! Learn how best to maintain unitary and loose-fill surfaces as well as fasteners and connectors
  • Resources to take back to your office! Receive a 250-page textbook, workbook, and upon completion, a Playground Maintenance Technician Certificate
  • Cost Effective! Train front-line maintenance staff at an affordable price
  • Ensure your equipment lasts through its useful life! Improve playground user safety and prolong the useful life of equipment

Frequently Asked Questions


Hosting Options

Work with the Eppley Institute for Parks and Public Lands at Indiana University to schedule a Playground Maintenance Technician training program in your area. The Eppley Institute will make sure your agency has the tools to make the training a success.

Host Benefits

  • Demonstrate your commitment to provide quality playgrounds
  • Improve safety and reduce liability on your playgrounds
  • Certified instructors provided by the Eppley Institute at Indiana University
  • The PMT program does not require a physical playground, all training is conducted in a virtual environment

Hosting Option vs Partner Option

The Eppley Institute understands it can be difficult to secure the support and commitment for a training opportunity. We offer a host option, where the cost per person is less, but your agency is responsible for registration, catering, and other logistics. The partner option is more per person, but the Eppley Institute is responsible for most logistical items. (See What does the PMT Cost). Additionally, many host sites seek successful sponsorships from insurance representatives, playground equipment and surfacing companies, or local foundations and associations to defray program costs.

Host Option Responsibilities

  • Your agency promotes the program using a flyer template provided by the Eppley Institute
  • Your agency manages registrations, reserves a training location, and arranges/pays for lunch
  • Your agency is required to assist the PMT instructor the day before and during the two-day training
  • Your agency can generate revenue after covering program costs

Partner Option

  • Your agency promotes the program using an online registration system and promotional materials provided by the Eppley Institute
  • Your agency reserves a training location and is required to assist the PMT instructor the day before and during the two-day training


“The PMT program from the Eppley Institute is the most comprehensive playground maintenance program out there. It's a must for boots-on-the-ground maintenance personnel and the persons that supervise them. I've been involved in maintenance and inspection of public school playgrounds for over 20 years and I highly recommend it.”

Fred Cahill, Safety Tech II, Risk and Benefits Management

“Like many organizations, CIRSA has members maintaining thousands of parks and recreation facilities around the state of Colorado. Over the years we have seen many CPSIs come and go from our membership with less personnel desiring to go down this path. Thus we began searching for an alternative that would satisfy the basic needs of everyday maintenance staff, those who wanted a broad knowledge base prior to working towards the CPSI, and for those who have no desire to obtain the CPSI. Not finding what we were looking for, we had started an initiative to develop our own in-house program and then luckily found the PMT program. Not only did the PMT program meet our needs but, with two separate courses offered, it was one of the highest attended events we have had in a long time."

Greg Barlow, Loss Control Manager, Colorado Intergovernmental Risk Sharing Agency

“After taking the CPSI Certification course and passing the test, I felt that I did not have enough knowledge still to perform playground inspections. I searched the web for other classes dealing with playgrounds to increase my knowledge about playground inspections and maintenance. Unfortunately, there are not a lot of options available out there. I found and attended all three different playground related classes in the last six months: PMT, NPCAI-Risc, and the NRPA Playground Maintenance class. The PMT class is by far the best one to attend and the only one you need to attend in my perspective. This course keeps you engaged the entire time and has a variety of information about playground maintenance. The 'Maintaining Child's Play' book that you receive in class is packed full of useful information. this book will be one that I will keep in my tool box and will reference when inspecting playgrounds.”

William Ping, Owner, Park Play Protection LLC

Online Option

PMT is now available as an online training. It can be taken asynchronously on an individual basis or an a cohort. The cohort takes places over a three-week period and includes four live webinars. The webinars will provide learners with an opportunity to interact with a PMT instructor who will answer questions, review concepts covered in e-courses, and lead interactive learning activities. Participants will be required to complete 13 e-courses with assignments on their own over the course of the training. Each e-course takes approximately an hour in length to complete. Learn more and sign up for PMT Online.


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