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Playground Maintenance Technician

The most comprehensive training program available for managing safe playgrounds

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The Playground Maintenance Technician (PMT) certificate program is the most comprehensive, long-standing maintenance and inspection training program in the country. For over a decade, the PMT program has trained over 4000 participants in nearly 30 states and internationally. It teaches systems, processes, and best practices in proactive maintenance, equipping boots-on-the-ground staff with the knowledge, skills, and practices to most effectively prevent incidents and minimize liability.

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Training and Certification

This comprehensive two-day program explores the maintenance challenges associated with common materials found in playgrounds using the Diamond of Care approach. Through videos and case studies, participants learn about the types of playground inspections, how to repair damaged equipment and associated legal considerations. Memorizing of standards is not required. A state-of-the-art virtual playground offers participants the opportunity to apply newly learned skills.


Get answers to frequently asked questions and see what past participants say about the Playground Maintenance Technician Program.

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Playground Maintenance Technician (PMT) logo

Playground Maintenance Technician

Making playgrounds safer for children’s active play and healthy risk-taking